Contract of Sexual Servitude


This Contract establishes a Dominant-submissive relationship which is effective beginning at 5PM October 13, 20­­­11 and ending at midnight on December 13, 2011  between Submissive, and Sir.


This Contract is provided as an agreement which defines in specific terms the relationship and interaction between two individuals, hereafter termed the submissive and  Sir. This agreement is not intended to be legal and binding. Rather, this agreement is intended to serve as clarification of expectations and limits between two consenting adults. It is agreed that fundamental to this agreement will be the practices of the virtues of trust, honesty, openness, loyalty, care and obedience.

This document is written expressly for the guidance, betterment and benefit of the Sir-submissive relationship. These agreements benefit Sir, as they should, but by accepting the firm hand, wisdom and guidance of these laws, they shall benefit the submissive’s interests, as fully and faithfully considered and decided by Sir. This evolving document shall be a guidepost for the submissive’s behavior and Sir’s expectations of the submissive and what the submissive may expect from Sir. With a signature, both Sir and submissive agree and accept that these terms and conditions cannot be altered in any way except by mutual consent. This agreement must be entered voluntarily with both parties agreeing to the conditions.

Section One:  Sir’s Role

Sir accepts the responsibility of the submissive’s body, to do with as he sees fit, under the provisions determined in this contract. Sir also accepts the commitment to treat the submissive properly, to train the submissive, punish the submissive, adore the submissive, and use the submissive for his pleasure.

Section Two: The Submissive’s Role

The submissive agrees to submit to Sir within the limits specified. The submissive also agrees that, once entered into the Contract, her body belongs to the Sir, to be used as seen fit, within the guidelines defined herein. The submissive agrees to please Sir to the best of her ability. in that, when in Sir’s presence,  she now exists solely for the pleasure of said Sir. The submissive belongs to Sir.



Section Three: Others

Submissive may not seek any other Sir or lover or relate to others in any sexual or submissive way, without the Sir’s permission, excluding emails or conversations that are non-physical in nature.   Such action will be considered a breach of contract, and will result in extreme punishment. 

Submissive will notify Sir of any contact she has had with other Dominants seeking her submission or in any other way, excluding emails or conversations that are non-physical in nature, or are unsolicited by the submissive. Failure to provide such information will be considered a breach of contract, and will result in extreme punishment. Sir will not prohibit such contact out of hand.

 The Sir may not give the submissive to other Sirs without specific prior consent of the submissive.  The submissive will not be required to submit to other women, though she may be required to play with other women, with prior consent of the submissive. , Submissive will respect and conduct herself in such manner she would her own Sir.  The Sir will always be physically present when the submissive is being used by another Sir, or playing with another woman.

The Sir has the right to take on additional subs.  He agrees to notify the submissive of any meaningful discussion with other subs, so that the submissive may understand and feel comfortable with her place.

Section Four: Terms and Limits

No part of this agreement is intended to interfere with the submissive’s family or career. Sir wishes the submissive to work hard and honestly, in general to conduct herself in a manner calculated to bring honor and respect to them both. During periods with family and at  work, the submissive is expected to schedule appointments, to dress in an appropriate manner manner, and to conduct herself as properly.

The submissive has the right to expect her Sir to be knowledgeable in the Dominant/submissive lifestyle and to ensure her safety and well-being while participating in any physical activity.

The submissive has the right to refuse to participate in any activity which she feels will cause her harm, jeopardize her safety, cause her emotional stress, or interfere with her family or career obligations.  The Sir will remain physically present whenever the submissive is bound in such a way that she cannot free herself under her own power.

The submissive has the right to discuss, reject or modify all scenarios with her Sir prior to implementation.

The submissive has the right to expect that the requirements of her Sir will take into consideration her family, lifestyle and her business situation and adjust to them accordingly.

The submissive has a right to ask for an adjustment or modification to the terms of this contract at any time.

The submissive has a right to cancel this contract at any time with a simple notification to the Sir.

The submissive has the right to expect her Sir to both know her, who she is and has always been, and to respect these facets of her personality and not to require her to do or become anything which would make her uncomfortable or in any way interfere with those facets of her personality.

The submissive will be allowed to submit scenarios to her Sir for implementation on a mutually agreed upon time schedule.

A safeword will always be honored in this relationship and no circumstances negative or otherwise will occur upon the use of this safeword.

The submissive will maintain a diary of her submission describing her experiences, thoughts, fantasies and  feelings (both good and bad), making entries at least twice a week for the length of this contract.

Discipline will include, but not be limited to:  Denial of orgasm, Spanking (hand or other implement), Whipping (riding crop or other device), Standing or sitting in a corner, Bondage, eye contact avoidance or any combination of the above. Punishment by withdrawal of Sir’s attention will always be clearly identified and explained to the submissive.  Sir will give the specific duration of the withdrawal of the attention, prior to implementing.


Lapses in communication by either Sir or submissive should be identified in advance, when possible. Clear expectations for such lapses should be communicated to submissive by Sir.


Both Sir and submissive agree that no photos, videos or other recordings will be made without prior consent of both at each occurance.  Images, personal information, and communication  between Sir and submissive are assumed to be private and will not be shared outside the relationship without prior consent of both parties. 


Submissive’s behavior is to be guided by the Code of Conduct in this agreement. Any breech of this code will result in punishment.

Section Five: Code of Conduct

The submissive must maintain a submissive demeanor at all times when in private settings with her Sir. Social settings will not require this same demeanor but may be shown if not noticeable by anyone present. She will be expected to understand and follow protocols her Sir establishes.

1. The submissive will always speak of her Sir in terms of love and respect. She will address him at all times as “Sir”, unless specified otherwise and except in public settings where such address would create undo attention.

2. The submissive agrees to obey her Sir in all respects. Her mind, body, heart and time belong to Him. The submissive accepts the responsibility of using her safe word when necessary, and trusts implicitly in her Sir to respect the use of that safe word. If a condition arises in which the submissive needs to use the safe word or gesture, her Sir will immediately stop , release the submissive, if needed, then assess the situation, and determine an appropriate course of action.

3. The submissive shall keep her body available for the use of her Sir at all times. The submissive acknowledges that her Sir may use her body or mind in any manner He wishes within the parameters of safety and discretion. He may hurt her without reason to please Himself. The submissive enjoys the right to cry, scream or beg, but accepts the fact that these heartfelt expressions will not affect her treatment. The submissive will not be gagged  at any time, or have her nose or mouth covered in any way that could restrict  her breathing.

4. The submissive will answer any questions put to her honestly and directly, and will volunteer any information her Sir should know about her physical or emotional condition. While her Sir expects His submissive to speak honestly and forthrightly about anything that bothers her, she is not to interpret that as permission to whine or complain. She will phrase her concerns politely and respectfully, and then gracefully accept her Sir’s judgment in these matters without further complaint.

5. The submissive is permitted to engage in any and all activities not actively forbidden by their contract or by later edict of Sir. All rights and privileges not otherwise noted in this contract belong to Sir, and He may exercise them as He chooses.

6. Clothing worn in private sessions with Sir will be selected and/or approved by Sir.

7.  Modification of the body including hair will be approved by Sir.  The submissive will not be required to cut her hair, or receive any piercings, tattoos or scars.

8. The wearing of underwear by the submissive will be determined by Sir, according to circumstances. In general, bra and panties are not to be worn, in order to provide ready access.

9. Legs must be kept open at all times except for those times when this position will allow others a view of that which only Sir should see.

10. The submissive will dress to please Sir. Her basic attire will include her highest heels when in his presence.

11. The submissive agrees to accept any punishment Sir decides to inflict, whether earned or not.

Further, Submissive makes the following pledge:

1. i will serve, obey and please my Sir.

2. i will not hesitate when responding to my Sir.

3. i will thank my Sir for the discipline and punishments i receive, specifying what i received and expressing the reason as to why i was given them.

4. i must always wear revealing and sexy clothing of good taste around my Sir unless given permission to do so otherwise. The clothing i wear will allow easy access to my pussy, ass and breasts. The clothing will emphasize and often exaggerate my assets. i will wear such clothing in any kind of weather. How i present my body to Him is more important than my discomfort and insecurities.

5. i will never wear pantyhose in his presence. I will dress in stockings and other erotic attire to please Sir, while providing access to my body.

6. my legs, underarms and pussy must be kept completely shaved smooth and clean or trimmed so that nothing of me is hidden from view.

7. I will prepare myself for Sir, cleaning my body and preparing myself mentally to be at my best.

8. Whenever Sir speaks, even when i am speaking, i am to immediately become silent so i may be able to listen intensely to what He has to say. i must never interrupt Him.

9. i choose willingly to be treated as my Sir’s property - as long as such treatment is safe and legal.

10. i will learn all the positions my Sir wants to teach me to the best of my abilities and will be prepared to take such positions when required and to display myself in a manner through them that He, and others who may be present, will find most pleasing.

11. i must never reach orgasm without explicit permission from my Sir.  Such pleasure must be seen as a privilege so that i do not take advantage of it.

12. i must tell my Sir if i have had an orgasm without His permission so that i can be properly punished for my disobedience and disrespect.

13. i will endure whatever discipline or punishment my Sir gives me so i can become a better submissive for Him.

14. i am allowed to suggest ways to further my training or use of me, verbally or through my journal, as long as i address my Sir properly first.

15. i will not be passive in serving my Sir. i will aggressively participate in my exchange with Him.

16. i will not form a relationship with others without permission and approval from my Sir. If i should have sex with others i will have it safely and will always tell my Sir in detail what i have done so that no part of me is a secret and  i am laid bare for his inspection and approval.

17. When i am in the presence of my Sir and i am free to move about i will do so in seductive and enticing ways. my behavior must always display a sexual content however subtle.

18. As a  submissive i shall incorporate a sexual attitude and hunger in everything i do, being eager to sexually perform to the best of my abilities for my Sir and for those whom He allows to use me. my hunger must be such that i would feel as if i could never be satiated until Sir allows me to be.


Section Six: Hard Limits

The following is a list of hard limits both Sir and submissive agree upon. This section may be added to or subtracted from upon the agreement of both Sir and submissive.

No acts involving water sports or feces

No acts involving children or animals

No acts that would leave permanent damage or markings unless agreed upon by both parties

No acts that involve needles, knives, or blood.

No interactions that might involve unwilling participants.

No gags, breathplay or deprivation of basic needs.


Section Seven : Submissive’s Signature

i have read and fully understand this contract in its entirety. i agree to give myself completely to my Sir, and further accept his claim of ownership over my physical body. i understand that i will be commanded, trained and punished as a submissive, and i promise to be true and to fulfill the pleasures and desires of my Sir to the best of my abilities. I promise:

to be the true submissive that my Sir deserves and wants and needs.


to give my Sir free rein of my tight sweet pussy for his pleasure

to let my Sir access my ass for the many pleasures it offers him.. whether it is to spank, to caress, to lick, to fondle, to fuck….it will be offered proudly and lovingly and obediently.

to be willing to learn to please my Sir and to exist for that purpose when i am with him…and to make up with enthusiasm that which is lacking in my experience.

to adore my Sir and make him proud to have such a worthy submissive and lover.



Section Eight: Sir’s Signature

I have read and fully understand this contract in its entirety. I agree to accept this submissive as my property, body and possession, and to care for her to the best of my ability. I shall provide for her security and wellbeing and command her, train her, and punish her as a submissive. I understand the responsibility implicit in this arrangement, and agree that no harm shall come to the submissive as long as she is mine. I further understand that I can withdraw from this contract at any time.